Jumping in, head first.

I’m so excited for this first post! *reggae horns*

I’m Portia, a data analyst who specializes in healthcare quality. I spend most of my time abstracting, collating, cleaning, and organizing small data sets for clinical and process improvement analyses at my hospital. I also have several years’ experience as a clinical researcher, and a tiny bit of surgical experience.

I had a major life shift that led me back to public health and data analysis as a career path and I’m currently honing my statistical, mathematic, and programming skills so that I can tackle more complex problems as a data scientist. That means tons of reading, trying to focus to complete online courses and skill based programs, and the occasional moment of feeling overwhelmed because of information overload.

I’ve been all over the web trying to figure out an efficient way to learn all the skills I don’t yet have (and I will be keeping a list for accountability), and settled on starting a blog as a way to stay on target. It’s also a great way to reflect on what I learned and hopefully share my insights and projects with you. I’m also looking forward to sharing some of my other interests in healthcare, design, and tech.

Thank you so much for being part of my journey!