100 Days of Data Science

I’m participating in something right now called “100 Days of Code” where you code everyday for 100 days in an attempt to learn some new coding skills in a short period of time. I just started, so today was day 1. If you check out my Twitter account, you can follow my progress as I learn (you can also click the little birdie at the top right any time to check me out).

I know some programming, but never became proficient in anything so I always feel like I’m starting from scratch. For example, this will be the third time in a year that I’ve tried to learn Python, and the 50-11th time I’ve tried to teach myself the basics of programming. I’m hoping that 100 Days of Code will keep me honest.

That said, NO ONE has ever done the same thing for Data Science (at least not on Twitter). So you heard it here first, #100DaysofDataScience is a thing. Today is Day 2. Day 1 was me reading about statistical learning. Today I practiced some Python at DataQuest (dictionaries, more looping), but I’m also going to spend some time doing some basic stuff in Python at Free Code Camp today.

Lets see what I’ve learned in 100 Days.