Web Development and Data Science

It’s been about 5 days since I started #100Daysof[skill], and I have two comments so far:

  1. #100Daysof[skill] is a great way to do concentrated sprints of learning; that said,
  2. be careful you don’t do too much and burn yourself out.

It’s hard, because its all so new and shiny and aLL The THINGS AREso FUN AND HOW DID ILIVEWITHOUT THISOMGIMLOVINGIT. I have to keep reminding myself that I don’t have to learn everything in the world in 100 days.

*looks at mirror, points to self*

The point is to pick a very manageable skill and work on a project to help you hone that skill, not master everything.

That said, did you know that web development and basic computer science are two great things to learn a little bit about as a data scientist? If your answer is no, don’t feel bad because I didn’t either.

After five days in though, I’m beginning to feel the desire to know a little bit more than I do about the fundamentals of computer programming and specifically, web development. It would be nice to be able to use the models and the conclusions that I come up with in an application or display it on a stand-alone site that isn’t part of my portfolio or stuck in a GitHub repo.

Real talk: not everyone is going to want to read your code, your white paper, or your journal article. A lot of very wonderful people in the community will want to, and making these things available to them is important. I also think it’s important to strive to create things that everyday people can see and use, preferably separate from mainstream news organizations. I’m not anti-journalism, but I think individuals pushing data driven apps and code is a great thing that should be encouraged as an antidote to fake news. In addition, it’s good to have a grassroots community that can create its own code of conduct and set community-based standards that are divorced from the need to create revenue and products.

I added some new resources to the resource page. Find me on Twitter to chat about your projects & share your favorite resources.