The end of a long week, and a game.

I feel like this week was so long, and the weekend came and went way too fast. One of the things that I’m learning as I do this is that I can only make one major change in my life at a time. Right now its this, after that it will be cleaning up my diet, then going to the gym regularly.

I have a long commute Monday through Friday, so when I come home the last thing I want to do is sit down again in front of a computer and learn something. That said, I’m glad I stuck with it because not only did I complete my first Git repo today, I made the repo to house my FIRST GAME.

*flowers rain onto the stage to a swell of applause*

Yes, the woman who thought she would die of boredom before enjoying building a game finished the first iteration of one. Its the second largest coding accomplishment I’ve experienced. The first was building a website from scratch, but that was a long time ago.

So I’m 15 days into #100DaysofCode. I’m still motivated, still feeling like I’m making progress. I feel less satisfied with my progress on #100DaysofDataScience, but my plan is to buckle down next week. I have reading to do (some of which I’m going to continue now) and some feature engineering to complete. By the end of this 100 days I want to have completed at least 2 ML projects. I think I can do it. Maybe more? I don’t know…I feel like I shouldn’t get too ahead of myself at this point. Two projects, reading, and all this coding is enough.

Looking forward to seeing what you create this week, too.