Starting over, but not from scratch…

I had to start my 100 Days of [ ] over…I burned myself out and got stuck. Here’s what happened:

  1. I was doing too many things at once: CodeAcademy, FCC, Slackskills, reading…too many things.
  2. I started to work on projects that I wasn’t invested in (Im talking to you, FCC portfolio). These projects also required learning some tools that I hadn’t previously even heard of (pug).
  3. My work life got unmanageable because one of my co-workers abruptly quit, and I’m taking up some of the slack. Thankfully, I have wonderful team members who are also working hard to take on extra tasks so it isn’t just me.
  4. I didn’t feel comfortable enough in my analytical skills to just attack a data set. I tried to work through some Kaggle sets, but I got bogged down bc I didn’t have the foundational skills to understand what the tutorials were trying to teach me.

So I did something I’ve never done before: I stopped completely. No computer after work, no reading, no podcasts, no nothing. Just me, chilling out, airplane mode, no drama.

When I say I’ve never done this before I mean it. My whole professional life up to this point was pushing non-stop until I reached a goal. I’m very good at digging in and working until the problem is solved. This is great for puzzles, coding, games, problems, etc. Not as great for life in general, mainly because tenacity/grit is only one tool among the MANY I have at my disposal. It’s taken me a while to recognize that.

I’m also learning that this is a marathon, & the only person I am competing with is myself. The marathon lasts for life, so I have more than enough time to get where I am going. In keeping with the 100 Days of [ ] rules, I have to start over again. I also want/need a clean slate right now, even though I’m not starting from scratch. So instead of just 100 Days it will take 125 more or less.

I think I can spare the extra 25 days.