Add code, then stir

It’s been about 2 months since I started seriously working on my data science and programming skills. I’ve learned a ton, but I don’t have much on GitHub or Kaggle to show for it. I also noticed that quite a few people put code samples on their blogs, which is something I haven’t yet felt comfortable doing.

Until now.

I’ve learned enough and I’m doing enough daily practice that I feel good about putting samples of my code here too so you all can my progress in real time. I also recently learned about gist, which is a great way to share small snippets of code for immediate feedback.

I’m going to keep talking about my progress from a personal perspective, but having a balance of both will hopefully make this space more useful for you. It will also give me a way to monitor how fast and well I’m learning these concepts.

I’m hoping that eventually I can distill my account into a cookbook for people who are trying to learn these things on their own without going to a bootcamp. Right now I still think there are very few places where you can see someone take old knowledge and skills and translate them into new skills in addition to showing you how to apply those skills in code and in conceptual problems.